Professional profile.

This is an abbreviated version of my resume. If you would like to request a full copy, please contact me.

[tabscontent] [tabcontent id=”education” class=”active”] [edujob] [edujobitem title=”Bachelors of Technology (Metallurgy)” period=”July 2006 – May 2010″]National Institute of Technology, Raipur[/edujobitem] [edujobitem title=”Higher Secondary School Certificate” period=”July 2005 – April 2006″]Holy Cross Pension Bada, Raipur[/edujobitem] [edujobitem title=”High School Certificate” period=”July 2003 – April 2004″]Holy Cross Pension Bada, Raipur[/edujobitem] [/edujob] [/tabcontent] [tabcontent id=”jobs”] [edujob] [edujobitem title=”Vedanta Aluminium Ltd.” period=”July 2010 – April 2012″]Assistant Manager[/edujobitem] [edujobitem title=”Big Web Company” period=”August 2009 – June 2010″]Administrator[/edujobitem] [edujobitem title=”Reliance Communication” period=”March 2007 – July 2007″]Call Center Executive[/edujobitem] [/edujob] [/tabcontent] [tabcontent id=”skills”] [skills][skill title=”HTML5 & CSS3″ experience=”6″ maxexperience=”7″]Specialized in hand-coded interface design.[/skill][skill title=”Javascript & jQuery” experience=”5″ maxexperience=”7″]Moderate proficiency in web programming with java.[/skill][skill title=”WordPress & vBulletin” experience=”7″ maxexperience=”7″]High proficiency in handling these web scripts.[/skill][skill title=”Adobe Photoshop” experience=”6″ maxexperience=”7″]Moderate-level expertise using this application.[/skill][skill title=”Linux & Windows” experience=”5″ maxexperience=”7″]Adept to work on various operating systems.[/skill][/skills] [/tabcontent] [tabcontent id=”training”]
    • Organization: Bhilai Steel Plant (01 June 2008 to 30 June 2008)
      City: Bhilai
      Department: Blast Furnace, Coke Oven Plant, Blooming and Billet Mill
      Duration: 4 Weeks
    • Organization: Bharat Aluminium Company (15 June 2009 to 15 May 2009)
      City: Korba
      Department: Alumina Plant, Cast House, Aluminium Smelter
      Duration: 8 Weeks
[/tabcontent] [tabcontent id=”projects”]
    • Major Project – “Study of Crystal structure and crystalline properties of Titanium and its allotropes (alpha, beta and alpha-beta) during various Heat Treatment Processes”
    • Failure Analysis of Aluminum Alloys (2xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx) – At BALCO, Korba (C.G.)
    • Methods for the reduction of Melt Loss – At BALCO, Korba (C.G.)
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